Black Manifesto! Annabel Guérédrat

SHAPESHIFT.  YOU CAN.  In this episode Pawlet Brookes explore the second commandment of the Black Manifesto with Annabel Guérédrat, Martiniquan performance artist and co-founder of the Festival International d’Art Performance (FIAP) in Martinique.  Guérédrat discusses the role of shapeshifting and metamorphosis in her work, life, and spiritual practices; She also offers insight into the founding motivations of FIAP and it’s anti-colonial philosophy.

Black Manifesto, the 10 Commandments: Black Women Speak Out, is a 10-part podcast series hosted by nora chipaumire and Pawlet Brookes. Black Manifesto brings together voices of Black women from around the world as a collective conversation, making the invisible visible, and addressing how we work to reshape a new world in which Black women are seen and heard, and a resource for inspiring creativity, learning, and unlearning. Each guest will discuss one commandment from nora’s Black Manifesto, offering their interpretations and insights. 

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