Black Manifesto! L’Antoinette Stines

Family is all who can think with you, ya feel me? In this episode, Pawlet Brookes is joined by Dr L’Antoinette Stines, the renowned Jamaican director, choreographer, author, actor, dancer and founder of  L’Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force. Dr Stines reflects on the people whom she considers family, the importance of building connections with people from all walks, and the dance concepts she has developed over her many years of artistic revolution and resistance.

Black Manifesto, the 10 Commandments: Black Women Speak Out, is a 10-part podcast series hosted by nora chipaumire and Pawlet Brookes. Black Manifesto brings together voices of Black women from around the world as a collective conversation, making the invisible visible, and addressing how we work to reshape a new world in which Black women are seen and heard, and a resource for inspiring creativity, learning, and unlearning. Each guest will discuss one commandment from nora’s Black Manifesto, offering their interpretations and insights. 

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