Black Manifesto! Yinka Esi Graves

Free the feminine in u. In this episode, Pawlet Brookes and Black British flamenco dancer and artist Yinka Esi Graves explore ideas of freedom and individual truths and how they can be expressed through the body and dance. Graves examines the links between her personal background and her work beyond flamenco and how these experiences have shaped her ongoing journey of expansion and self-definition.

Black Manifesto, the 10 Commandments: Black Women Speak Out, is a 10-part podcast series hosted by nora chipaumire and Pawlet Brookes. Black Manifesto brings together voices of Black women from around the world as a collective conversation, making the invisible visible, and addressing how we work to reshape a new world in which Black women are seen and heard, and a resource for inspiring creativity, learning, and unlearning. Each guest will discuss one commandment from nora’s Black Manifesto, offering their interpretations and insights. 

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