Diverse Minds Podcast

The award-winning Diverse Minds Podcast is a weekly audio show about mental health, wellbeing and race equality. Leyla, CEO of Diverse Minds alongside


BlackInk Amidst the sales and discounts in preparation for the festive season, we present ‘BlackInk Friday’ to amplify the voices of the African

Black Manifesto! Podcast

Black Manifesto, the 10 Commandments: Black Women Speak Out, is a 10-part podcast series hosted by nora chipaumire and Pawlet Brookes. Black Manifesto brings together


A Q&A with Miguel Ángel Rosales (Director) and Yinka Esi Graves (Dancer) hosted by Pawlet Brookes (CEO and Artistic Director, Serendipity) for Phoenix’s

Education Packs

Throughout the year there is the opportunity to recognise key memorial days, festivals and events. These events provide an important reminder of the

A Dialogue With Masters Podcast

A Dialogue With Masters is a podcast by Serendipity.  From emerging artists to legendary figures, this podcast gives voice to the African and


Serendipity’s publications share hidden histories, artistic practice and international cultural policy, largely from the perspective of the African and African Caribbean Diaspora. Many

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