Black Digital Dance Revolution: The Silent Beat: A Haptic Conversation

The Silent Beat: A Haptic Conversation (World Premiere)
The Silent Beat: A Haptic Conversation celebrates technology as it embraces dance exploring how haptics can be used as a creative tool to empower and deliver cutting-edge work at the vanguard of cultural practice.

Creative Producer, Pawlet Brookes brings together Antoine Hunter and Soweto Kinch in collaboration with Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage and James Cull, Ruichao Wang and Tracy Harwood of the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University to present an experimental work investigating the ways in which haptic technology can be used to relay music in new ways and the practical applications this might have for Deaf dancers and choreographers.

An immersive video installation that integrates dance and film, a new work in collaboration between choreographer Cameron McKinney and filmmaker Cayla Mae Simpson uses McKinney’s idiosyncratic movements and Simpson’s dynamic visuals to reveal the vibrancy of self-discovery.

Black Digital Dance Revolution is a nationally significant project working with regional partners: Serendipity (Leicester), Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds), Dance City (Newcastle), Gateway (Gateshead), Dance Umbrella (London) and beyond. The project aims to explore how digital and physical interfaces can be integrated to push the boundaries of how artistic work is created, documented, shared and taught.

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