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Throughout the year there is the opportunity to recognise key memorial days, festivals and events. These events provide an important reminder of the actions that have shaped our communities and our world, but also the richness of what it means to live in a diverse community where our values, belief and backgrounds are respected and celebrated.

Serendipity has collaborated with the National Education Union on a series of education packs to recognise and explore our diverse histories and presence.

Our Histories Education Pack
Key Stage 1-2

In January and February alone, there is an opportunity to learn more about international Black history through Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month around the world. Learn about the Holocaust and observe Holocaust Memorial Day. Celebrate the Lunar New Year alongside communities from China and East Asia. Observe LGBT+ History Month and LGBT+ inclusive education. This education pack will provide support for teachers to begin conversations around discrimination and human rights. The information and resources can be used to support year-round learning.

Created by Serendipity, and commissioned by the National Education Union, this education pack seeks to provide teachers and educators with valuable resources for Key Stage 1 and 2, which are adaptable for pupils based on age and understanding, for online teaching and for use throughout the year.

Download Our Histories Education Pack Here


Black History Month Education Pack
Key Stage 3-4

Commissioned by the National Education Union and produced by Serendipity for Black History Month 2020, this education pack is for key stage 3-4 but can be adapted for other age groups  is segmented into four parts to support with focused learning:

  1. What does Black History Month mean to you? – Resources and activities aimed at providing greater breadth to the picture of Black presence in the UK. Recognising the contributions that the Black community have made to British life whilst also contextualising international perspectives.
  2. Social History – Lesson plans that make direct reference to communities across the UK and the diverse experiences of migration. Providing students with practical tools and critical skills to research and document hidden histories.
  3. Activism – Activities to support reflections on international civil rights movements throughout history, the role they have played in changing legislation and law, and how they inform present movements such as Black Lives Matter.
  4. Arts and Culture – putting Black artists and practitioners centre stage.

Download Black History Month Education Pack Here 



Lost Legends Education Pack
Adaptable across ages

Lost Legends: 30 Years 30 Voices, is a publication recording the contributions and perspectives of local trailblazers from an African and African-Caribbean perspective as part 30 anniversary celebration of BHM. 30 Years 30 Voices celebrates the impact they have made on the cultural landscape of Leicester.

The complementary educational pack is designed to support teachers in delivering four one-hour sessions based around Serendipity’s Lost Legends publication, resources and 12-minute film.

Each lesson plan contains a lesson aim, suggested discussion points, a breakdown of relevant pages from the Lost Legends publication, a class task and additional resources (where relevant), providing a valuable resource for teaching about Black British history and Black History Month.

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