Interpretations-Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey Tour

Interpretations – Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey Tour 

Commissioned by Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage, composed by Philip Herbert with two independent choreographic interpretations by Monique Jonas and Thomas Prestø.  Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey seeks to honour the Windrush generation and crystallise their experiences.

With choreography that encapsulates the strength, tenacity and spirit of adventure into a new world, whilst the fluidity of the music for string quartet considers echoes of the past, hopes of the future and the density of the middle passage.  This work embodied the energy of different choreographers and spaces, recognising the richness and legacy of the African Caribbean Diaspora in the UK.

Interpretation – Siren Calls: To an Illusive Journey is a unique look into a multifaceted creative practice.  A voice of hope, aspiration and dreams that a generation still has to navigate. Touring to our partner cities Leicester, London, Leeds and Newcastle, the film showcased behind the scenes footage on the making of the shows: including interviews with the producer, composer, choreographers and musicians.   A Discussion – A Wise Monkey Knows Which Tree to Climb: Perspectives on Decolonising Black Dance was held after the film has been shared with Artistic Director of Tabanka Dance Ensemble, Thomas Talawa Prestø and Artistic Director and CEO of Serendipity, Pawlet Brookes MBE.  The discussion was then followed by a Q&A session.

Delivered by Thomas Talawa Prestø, the Talawa Technique™ masterclass structured elements of African and Caribbean practices uniquely designed to facilitate polycentrism, multiple movement qualities, grounding and polyrhythm.  A technique that deconstructs and reconstructs these practices in such a way as to reveal the quality of each unique element by themselves as well as the added accumulative potential achieved when these elements are intentionally recombined.


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