Practices of Rooting and Performative Becoming: Exploring British Caribbean Diasporic identity through the Embodied Spatialities of Dance – Tia-Monique Uzor

Tia-Monique Uzor is a dance scholar and practitioner who writes and publishes around issues of identity, cultural traffic, popular culture and women within African and African Diasporic Dance. Uzor trained in dance and drama at De Montfort University and supplemented her dance training through international programmes at Ecoles des Sables, Senegal. Since then she has taught at De Montfort University, Laban and Goethe University.

Within her research and practice she is committed to interdisciplinary work to highlight the many ways in which African and African Diasporic dances can be used as a tool through which to consider themes around identity, society and culture and a vehicle for pleasure and self-discovery.

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