Serendipity’s publications share hidden histories, artistic practice and international cultural policy, largely from the perspective of the African and African Caribbean Diaspora.

Many of Serendipity’s publications document the impact of Black dance with international contributors from Kyle Abraham, Ronald K Brown, L’Antoinette Stines,  Thomas Talawa Prestø,  Germaine Acgony, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and many others.

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Serendipity’s first publication Hidden Movement: Contemporary Voices of Black British Dance explores the seldom told history of Black Dance in the UK.  A snapshot of social history; the narrative of Hidden Movement explores changing politics, policies and terminology, through the personal journeys of those who have shaped the story of Black British Dance.

Serendipity’s newest publication Creating Socially Engaged Art: Can Dance Change the World? Focuses on the role that Black women have played at the heart of social justice movements and making positive change in their communities the world over.  Featuring the contributions of dance practitioners, who through their own activism and artistry have brought to light untold issues and taboos, codified techniques, developed and raised the profile of dance from the African and African Caribbean Diaspora and engaged with communities in innovative ways.

Other publications focuses on interdisciplinary practicesReflections: Cultural Voices of Black British Irrepressible Resistance brings forth the contributions of Black people in arts, culture and heritage from a British and Afroeuropean perspective, rendering them visible. It explores historical and contemporary contexts and how these are expressed in various art forms.

BlackInk is a magazine focusing on Black arts, heritage and cultural politics.  An interface between a physical magazine and digital content, BlackInk is a creative response bringing together a range of interconnected international voices from across the African and African Caribbean Diaspora and indigenous communities.

Rooted in the events of 2020, issue one explores Black British Theatre, arts and culture, Afrofuturism, activism and identity and new writing.  Introducing Launchpad artists Ade Coker, Tolu Coker, Stephen Anthony Davids, Shangomola Edunjobi and Ana Paz. Featuring contributions from nora chipaumire, Sam Cook, Hyppolite Ntiguirirwa, Chaedria LaBouvier and more.

For October 2021, issue two provides an insight into Black British dance, reflecting on both the history and pioneers such as Barrington Anderson alongside contemporary voices shaping the future of the sector.  Contributing writers include Roshini Kempadoo, Freddy Houndekindo, Amanda Parker, Peter Adjaye, Mark Sealy and Beverley Bryan and more, touching on topics ranging from Black British activism through to manifestos for existence and excellence.  The publication introduces Launchpad artists Kat Anderson, Charlie Evaristo-Boyce and Isaac Ouro-Gnao, with cover art by Nyugen E Smith.

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