Black History Month – Education Pack

Commissioned by the National Education Union and produced by Serendipity Institute for Black Arts and Heritage, originally for Black History Month 2020.  This education pack is intended for key stage 3-4 but can be adapted for other age groups  is segmented into four parts to support with focused learning:

  1. What does Black History Month mean to you? – Resources and activities aimed at providing greater breadth to the picture of Black presence in the UK. Recognising the contributions that the Black community have made to British life whilst also contextualising international perspectives.
  2. Social History – Lesson plans that make direct reference to communities across the UK and the diverse experiences of migration. Providing students with practical tools and critical skills to research and document hidden histories.
  3. Activism – Activities to support reflections on international civil rights movements throughout history, the role they have played in changing legislation and law, and how they inform present movements such as Black Lives Matter.
  4. Arts and Culture – putting Black artists and practitioners centre stage.

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