Ancestral Voices: Dance Dialogues

Sharing their wisdom on the development of Acgony technique, the development of contemporary dance and Black-led dance in the UK, the work of Eduardo Rivero Walker, the foundations of L’Antech and the influence of Voudoun and Bruckins’.  The publication opens up a conversation that extends beyond Euro Western dance technique and decentres African and African Caribbean contribution and influence.


“YI GarabbouyFecc? Doffbi!  They called me crazy (doffbi) but they loved watching the “crazy” one dance and trying to copy her.”

Germaine Acogny


Germaine Acgony
Pawlet Brookes
Bob Ramdhanie
Barbara Ramos Caballero
Jeanguy Saintus
L’Antoinette Stines


Cover Image

LaShawn Prescott.  Photographer Sancho Francisco.


Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-0-9926319-8-7
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-9163965-7-9

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