BlackInk Issue Two

Insight: Black British Dance

On the Shoulders of Giants: Barrington Lloyd Anderson — Chester Morrison
Navigating and Propelling a Vision — Sharon Watson
Children Only Know What They See – Stacey Green
Fractured: Diversity and the North East – Martin Hylton


Representing: Black Women Are Beautiful – Maya Brookes
Awo… is Leadership – Kweku Aacht
Black Gold Dust – Roshini Kempadoo
Kedji’s Identity is: Emancipated – Freddy Houdekindo
A Performance in Stillness: Critical Reading Strategies for Archives of Blackness – Mutsa Mhende


Untitled (Running Series) – Kat Anderson
Emergency? – Charlie Evaristo-Boyce
Intergenerational Trauma – Isaac Ouro-Gnao

Arts and Culture

When The Ugliness Reared its Head – Amanda Parker
In my Opinion: The Black British Film Renaissance – Pierre Godson-Amamoo
Making the Invisible, Visible – Peter Adjaye
Liminal Life – Mark Sealy
Gatekeepers and Thieves: A Case on Restitution – Mistura Allison
Bundlehouse: Worldwide Soon Come? – Nyugen E Smith

Activism and Identity

Parallel Lives and Intertwined Belongings – Kwame Nimako
A Brief History of Key Moments and Issues in the Black British Civil Rights Movement – Beverley Bryan
Backyard Stories as a Strategy for Survival: Eat Little and Live Long – Makeda Thomas
What Are We Talking About? – Jean-François Manicom

New Writing

The BlackInk New Writing competition returns for this second edition, this time opening the doors to writers from across the African and African Caribbean Diaspora in the UK and internationally. This initiative, led by Serendipity and Writing East Midlands, seeks to support Black writers of short fiction.  Read by Tyrone Huggins.


Ioney Smallhorne – Learning Sleazy
Carol Wallace – The Unfinished Business

Honourable Mentions

Malumi Adeboye  – The Four of Them
Simba Mandizvidza – The Visit
Scherin Barlow Massay – The Neighbour Seeks a Wife

The Interview

Pawlet Brookes interviews composer Philip Herbert to discuss his influences, his achievement and his hopes.

Cover Image Issue 2: Bundlehouse by Nyugen E Smith

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