Colonisation in Reverse: Jean-Léon Destiné – Exhibition Catalogue

This publication complements and expands upon the exhibition Colonisation in Reverse: Jean-Léon Destiné with photographs and archival materials that bring Destiné’s rich and colourful career to life.

“Destiné was a purist. Destiné did not want to dilute his technique. He didn’t want to misinterpret or not be able to resource the origin of a movement… But what he did more importantly was to recognise the political climate in which work was being created, staged and promoted.”
Valerie J Rochon

Valerie J Rochon
Thomas Talawa Prestø
Pawlet Brookes

Cover Image
Jean-Léon Destiné by Jack Mitchell, Archive Photos/Getty Images, 1951.


Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-913862-05-3

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