Creating Socially Engaged Art: Can Dance Change the World?

From personal reflections to practical solutions, this publication, born in a time of great cultural and political disturbance, is a testament to a community of Black women who transcending time zones and technology came together one day and planted seeds of hope, resilience and growth.


“Archivists, scholars, dancers, choreographer and so much more…  We feed the world in so many ways as we develop dances that are recorded in time through our blood histories.”

Anita Gonzalez


Jeanette Bain-Burnett
Pawlet Brookes
Lizzy Cooper Davis
Anita Gonzalez
Chanon Judson
Wanjiru Kamuyu
Greta Mendez
Marlène Myrtil
Vivine Scarlett
Maya Taylor

Cover Image

Photographer Melika Dez.  Dancers Michael Jackson Jr, Renaldo Maurice, Kanji Segawa, Chalvar Monteiro, Vernard J Gilmore, Jermaine Terry, Jeroboam Bozeman, Samuel Lee Roberts, Michael F McBride.  Le Louvre Museum, Paris.


Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-913862-07-7
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-913862-15-2

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