My Voice, My Practice: Black Dance

The voices shared are of practitioners who have not been afraid to position and reposition their work.  To dismantle any perceptions of homogeneity when it comes to dance by, from and for the African and African Caribbean Diaspora.  It explores a number of techniques including Talawa TechniqueTM, hip-hop, Techni’ka the relationships between art and science and overall explores artistic practice.

Published during the first year of the pandemic and in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, it reflects on the changing face of dance during a time of grief and healing.


“Disability was signalled, but not embodied.  I was again looking for a home in ways it did not yet exist; I wanted to find a disabled Blackness where both my race and disability expressed themselves equally… Now, I knew that the dance had to identify both Blackness and disability as meaningful symbolic life forms of the past and future.”

Alice Sheppard


Pawlet Brookes
Mele Broomes
Ashanti Harris
Rhea Lewis
Jonzi D
Gladys M Francis
Annabel Guérédrat
Cynthia Oliver
Thomas Talawa Prestø
Alice Sheppard
Henri Tauliaut
Makeda Thomas
Vicki Igbokwe
Eduardo Vilaro


Cover Image

Dandara Amorim Veiga, Ballet Hispánico, photographer Paula Lobo.


Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: (Paperback) 978-1-913862-02-2
ISBN: (EPub) 978-1-913862-03-9

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