Soul Casings

Acclaimed choreographer L’Antoinette Osunide Stines and creator of the first Anglo Caribbean dance training procedure called L’Antech, introduces the philosophies underpinning the creation of the technique. L’Antech is constructed to train dancers by recognising and remembering the Caribbean’s integral ancestral lineages from European, Asian and predominantly African. A contemporary dance in Patois, L’Antech is a product of creolization using ‘synerbridging’, a process also introduced in this publication.

“L’Antech is original, yet does not ignore the trends of fellow artists. It seeks to liberate the Jamaican dancer from cultural chains in a modern ‘emancipation’ because when local dancers embrace classical ballet technique as the primary training procedure, a continuity of enslavement and deracination is perpetuated. The bodies’ chakras are placed in bondage.”
– Extract from Soul Casings by L’Antoinette Osunide Stines

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