Let’s Dance International Frontiers (LDIF) is an annual dance festival launching each year on 29 April, International Dance Day. With dance at the heart, LDIF has become a forum for a wider debate around identity, representation and ownership. LDIF pushes boundaries with a creative programme that reflects the international nature of Leicester through performances, discussion seminars, masterclasses and an annual conference.

Over the last twelve years, LDIF has presented over 280 artists and companies, including 69 UK premieres and 42 world premieres. LDIF has also fostered the work of emerging artists, through platforms such as Signatures, Autograph and the Black British Dance Platform in partnership with FABRIC. As of 2023, these platforms alone have nurtured over 102 new commissions, with many artists going on to have successful careers in the sector. Previous participating artists includeJamaal Burkmar, Cameron McKinney, Lanre Malaolu, Ella Mesma, Chad Taylor, Jessica Walker and Fubunation.

Here’s what you can currently expect from LDIF:

A Creative Programme that Pushes Boundaries

LDIF’s creative programme is designed to reflect the international nature of Leicester, with performances that showcase a diverse range of dance styles and cultures. But LDIF doesn’t just stick to the tried-and-true – the festival is all about pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.

Discussion Seminars and Masterclasses

In addition to performances, LDIF also offers discussion seminars and masterclasses that delve deeper into the themes of the festival. These sessions provide an opportunity for dancers, choreographers, and dance enthusiasts to come together and exchange ideas.

Annual Conference

LDIF’s annual conference is a highlight of the festival, bringing together experts from the dance world to discuss important issues around identity, representation, and ownership. The conference is a chance to learn from some of the most innovative and influential voices in dance today.

So be ready to celebrate dance and culture in style with LDIF – an event that’s all about pushing boundaries, exploring creative expression and new ideas.




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